So I finally got fed up, with the website. I don’t know what it is but when it comes to personal projects I always seem to pick the hardest method possible.

I’ve spent almost all of my personal project time for quite a while now working on templating, content management, xhtml, css, etc. All in all it’s not been a waste of time. I’ve managed to learn a hell of lot and applied a lot of that to work projects. Glad someone has benefitted.

During all of this though the hardest thing to learn has to have been that I simply can’t keep pouring my personal time into web development. I mean it’s not like I ever actually produced more than a test cases and somehow flawed code libraries. So, to break that cycle I thought that using some open source would be a good idea and voila I’m now using wordpress to write this.

I chose wordpress because I liked the features list, love the minimum requirements for installation and find the admin interface really easy to use. The main draw was the Pages features. According to their website; through the use of Pages wordpress is a Content Management System as much as it is a blog. It’s not wrong!

However if you want to use wordpress as a CMS then your going to have a to spend a long time with the themes system. To make the theme for this site I thought the best bet would be a pick a plain theme and change it to fit my needs. After selecting the plaintxtBlog theme by Scott Allan Wallick, I spent the good part of three days adjusting it for my needs.

Anyways now it’s all done, I can get on and do something with this site, knowing that isn’t going to take an absolute age to do.

P.S. The content from my old library page has been placed in a special hidden area of this site, simply to keep links alive.

One thought on “New Site – It’s wordpress!

  1. And your adjustments look good. I like the slim, DHTML menu on top. I think it works well. Good job on a very, very original customization of my theme.



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