In today’s world, most of the teenagers love gaming as it’s no more just for sheer pleasure as people are now able to make a living in today’s world by playing games. While to get the best experience most of the professional love building a gaming pc, not all prefer it as it depends from person to person and also the game. Quite recently, I found something in gaming that is downright going to make you feel enraged due to it being completely unethical.

So, seeing how the below text is floating around almost every european planetside forum I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I added it here. Lets hope this action gets noticed by Sony or the GameMite of the nintendo series. If you want the full jojo’s bizarre adventure experience, starting at the beginning is the way to go, but be aware of what you’re getting into. Phantom Blood, which is Part 1 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, is a quick watch; it is only nine episodes long and it certainly has its charms.

On behalf of Kosh:How do you feel about cheating in an online game? I’m talking about using third party software to alter the outcome of what would otherwise be a fair fight. If you’re like most of us you despise it. It eats away at a community from the ground up and if nothing is done about it the amount of cheaters tends to grow to the point that there’s simply no room left for gamers who play by the rules. This type of cheating can really ruin a great game and frustrate a lot of people. This is the current situation with Planetside.Gaming - Game on! - UBP

Following the recent admissions of the use of third party programs by Planetside users, a lot of Werner players are losing confidence in the simple ability to log ingame and get an honest fight. We have decided to take a stand against what could be the downfall of Planetside and to this end we have created a four point plan that we will be carrying out and which we would like your backing on.1. The drafting of a letter to be sent to SOE stating our frustration. This letter has cross community support, both high ranking NC and TR have been approached and we have outfits from all three empires ready to add their member’s names. An example of a rough draft is shown below:To whom it may concern.I’m writing on behalf of many of your paying customers on the Werner server of the SOE game Planetside. Recently it has come to light that third party programs are being used on the server with video footage, audio recordings, screenshots and admissions of guilt from the users themselves providing plentiful evidence. Incidents of these third party programs include:• Entering a base generator with an aircraft and destroying the generator even though the GEN is underground.
• Teleporting one’s avatar and vehicle to other locations on the continent, example of such use would be almost instantaneous LLU pickup and capture.
• “Cone of fire” programs that cancel out the standard COF for any given weapon
• In-exhaustible stamina and personal shield implants
• Speed hacks that allow users to traverse great distance in a matter of seconds – some of this can be attributed to the recent “dual-core” systemsWe demand that action be taken.

The outfits and players listed below will work to try and prevent the use of these programs by self regulating our players and cooperation on this issue between the three empires. We expect of you SOE, that you fulfill the obligations listed in your EULA, specifically sections 6 and 9, and ban players caught using third party programs.

We want steps taken to reduce the proliferation of these programs that simply ruin the playing experience for many players and we demand that you take them.

Do not underestimate the feelings of frustration and resentment that the majority of the player base are feeling on this issue. Just as you are planning an event for the 3rd birthday, so are we. If we have not received a satisfactory answer by the 19th May, the players indicated below will no longer monetarily support Planetside. Also please bear in mind that your response on this issue will dictate how many people perceive SOE when the company releases further titles.

We deserve answers and we want something not only to be done, but to be seen to be done.

Yours sincerely,
DrNickRiviera – Vanu Corporation – BR25 CR5 (Ready to unsubscribe, May 19th)

2. The actions in the letter lead to the second step, the mass unsubscribing from Planetside. This will be our gesture of protest. Even if you do unsubscribe you will be able to play as your main character until your subs runs out and we plan to resubscribe a week later. For people whose subs runs out on that week of protest, such as Kosh, there is the ability to make a fodder account and play with it for the few days that’ll be affected.

3. We have already started an online petition here Please read through it and add your name. Please use your REAL names, as well as your ingame names. Aecilon doesn’t think having “H4x0r dude” signed will help us much so he’s going to be deleting signatures like that.

4. The final step will be a letter sent to as many PC gaming magazines as possible. Below is a draft of what we would be sending to PC Gamer with the letter being signed by the outfit leaders of the participating outfits, the empire they belong to and the outfit’s website address:

This letter is being sent on behalf of a large majority of the Planetside player base.

These people have been drawn from all factions of the game, from new players, to high ranking seasoned veterans. These players have been fighting a constant war for three years now; this war has seen commitment, passion and rivalries develop, the likes of which have never seen before in an MMO.
This player base can usually agree on nothing, everything from weapon balance to outfit rivalries is constantly up for debate both in game and on the forums. It is without doubt the most competitive community I have ever known, and fighting the same war, against the same enemy soldiers for the three years, is something few gamers can speak of.
However, in recent weeks the community has come to a unanimous conclusion to which, for the first time in Planetsides history, there seems to be only one opinion.

The subject to which I speak of, is that of cheating/hacking.

In recent weeks it has been uncovered that some of the European (Werner) servers top players, have been found to be using third party software to increase their speed, aim and stamina levels to give them large advantages over other players. This is not unusual in online games, and to an extend is not the purpose of this letter.
Presented with this unquestionable evidence, in the form of imagery, video footage and teamspeak recordings, a forum thread was issued to the community and to the developers of Planetside, in the hope that things would improve. It was hoped that this blatant evidence would force SOE to finally implement some form of anti cheat software to the game, a step which is clearly three years overdue.
The Planetsides teams response, was to delete the thread, refuse to comment, and most shockingly of all, refuse to act against those who were caught, to this day, the same players inhabit the server despite breaking several points of the EULA. Not to mention many who remain uncaught.

As you are aware, the Planetside community has put up with a lot. The introduction of battleframe robotics, in game advertising and other such content has, on frequent occasions warranted action from the community. Last year it was the community, and not SOE who launched a global advertising campaign to boost player numbers.
In short, SOE have treated the community terribly. The blatant refusal to admit that hacking was taking place in our game has been the final straw. The community has united as never before.

Steps are currently being made to attempt to speak to SOE about this issue. Several forum threads and P.M’s have been made to attempt to get answers on what is being done about this problem. All of which have not been responded to. It has come to our realisation that our only option is to speak to SOE, is in the only language they know: money.

A coalition is currently being formed, from all armies, outfits, levels and roles of the game, from the ground soldiers to the empire commanders.
On Friday the 19th of May approximately XXX players from the Werner server are set to cancel their subscriptions. Notice has been given to the development team and community relations staff at SOE. A petition signed by around XXX people, along with a letter on behalf of them has been sent to SOE headquarters. Our intention is to send a clear message to SOE – acknowledge and make steps to fix the current cheating problem in Planetside, or suffer massive revenue cuts as a result. This step is set to coincide, rather ironically, with Planetsides third birthday and the announcement of Planetsides successor. These players intend to cancel, not permanently, but long enough for SOE to realise that action must be taken, in the meantime we intend to start new players on the “Reserves Program” which will enable us to play for free on lower characters. Essentially, we wish to damage SOE’s profit, whilst keeping the games population healthy and intact.

The reason for informing you is that we are aware of PC Gamers frequent articles on such matters, the Star Wars Galaxies events of last year with the role changes and community uproar, along with the coverage of the ‘Guiding Hand Social Club’ assassination in E.V.E Online has led us to believe that you may able to offer small coverage of our own plea in your magazine. A once fractioned community who have split blood, sweat and tears in a never ending conflict have united under one common goal and common enemy. It is once again, the Planetside community who is willing to do what SOE will not. Stand against cheating in games, and improve the experience for all.
Below is a list of the outfits who have agreed to form a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against cheaters in their outfit, along with the leaders name, their faction and website where applicable.
I would greatly appreciate any help you could give us in, what may yet become our toughest battle of all, we frequently take up arms against one another, however SOE is set to be our biggest test.

Yours truly,
Stephen Waldron/AnubisUK
BR25 CR05 Vanu Corporation: Werner

Vanu Corporation, Kosh, VS
Etc etc


Outfit leaders of those who would take a stand with us, could you please make a list of your members who support our actions and PM it to “ShinKosh” on the Official Planetside forums, the names will then be sorted into outfits and listed below the letter. Could you please include the battle rank and command rank of your players as well as trying to limit the names of players to those who are relatively active in your outfit.

I know the above is a long post, but due to the seriousness of the matter I hope you’ll take the time to read it and hopefully agree with us. We pay to play this game, we need to remember that our monthly payments are what make it possible. We are more than cash cows to be milked and discarded to the side.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Outfit Command – Vanu Corporation – Werner

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