Attached is an nginx configuration file which sets up nginx to be a reverse proxy for the popular Steam Game Distribution platform; essentially creating a local steam cache server. The intent is to allow a large number of gamers to share an inexpensive, and therefore slow, internet connection without having serious problems due to everyone trying to update the same game at the same time (i.e. bandwidth contention issues at LAN parties).

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by qbnut

Installation From a Stage 3 Tarball

This only covers getting the system up-and-running as quickly as possible, from an already built stage 3 tarball (Stargate was done like this, for speeds sake – with more time, I would have done it from a Stage 1 again).
For most, this is fine, but for those who want the full lowdown on going from a Stage 1 (as I did with Chevron) , go to

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