So I finally got fed up, with the website. I don’t know what it is but when it comes to personal projects I always seem to pick the hardest method possible.

I’ve spent almost all of my personal project time for quite a while now working on templating, content management, xhtml, css, etc. All in all it’s not been a waste of time. I’ve managed to learn a hell of lot and applied a lot of that to work projects. Glad someone has benefitted.

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Since it’s development in the late 1800s the telephone has become a driving force in our everyday lives. Today we have a huge choice in our telephony service and with many people owning more than one phone number its not surprising that telephony is a subject with ever increasing complexity. It’s also a pretty common fact of life that, in a subject clouded by confusing acronyms and seemingly identical offerings, the deciding factor is often the price. For both users like yourself and I, as well as the big service providers like BT, NTL, Vodafone and so forth the cheapest option in many cases is VoIP.

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December 2003

I’m a gamer. I have been for a while. My first gaming PC was built quite a while ago. Originally assembled for use at some pretty cool LAN Meets. I bought myself the best system I could get, at the time, and it still works to this day. However with Doom III, Half Life 2 and Unreal Tournament 2004 all out soon I realised that I really need a new PC.

So three weeks before christmas I splash out and buy the best system I can get. (excluding the quad xeon I’ve been wanting to build for a while) Continue reading